Welcome to "le-gilgomat"

I finally settled down on my private playground to show some "AcroTeX specials", I experienced during the past years.

In the early 2000s, I was searching for a method to interactively evaluate PDF documents. Looking up and down the world wide web to that time, I finally found "AcroTeX" and contacted its developer Dr. D. P. Story (DPS) via email with the fear to never ever receive any response.

To my surprise, I received a quite quick response and after a few emails forth and back – I was sure – I found exactly, what I needed!

We kept in contact for all the past years (and surely shall in future) and I really found a friend – not only programmatically!

Now that we made many miles together with "AcroTeX" the past decade(s), I felt the need to present some of my results as a dedication to DPS and his won-der-ful LaTeX packages.

Hopefully this will inspire, motivate and convince some more users to that "Bundled Packages" (with or without Acrobat® Pro®)!

@DPS: Thank you for "AcroTeX" – that made and still makes me happy!

PS: I know, you're still fearing emails, that content the subject: "Little q" – meaning, I have a "Little question" …
You lost many hairs by these "special" emails – however until now – I still receive smart responses with a fix to my problem(s).

What an excellent support during all these years …

Take care,
Jürgen (always following your mighty footsteps …)